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Situation on Mont Blanc 2004:

"Ahh shit - Im falling!". Suddenly the rope tightens. The weight of my buddy pulls me down onto the icy glacier. I am unable to move. Its like the force of gravity just increased with 400%. My only priority is to hold on to my iceaxe. "Come on! Snap out of it!" - I say to myself -"Act, God damn it". I look backward to get at glance of my climbing parter, but all I see is a large hole in the glacier surface. My rutine in crevasse rescue techniques quickly kicks in. I establish an anchor in the ice, and lower an aid-rope to secure the situation. After 5 minutes, we are safely back on track, but we are shaken by the experience. "You just saved my life", my buddy says in a low voice, while lighting up his second cigarette. "Yeah... and you owe me a beer!" 

You first know your colleges or business partners when crisis turns your attention away from the daily rutine, and demands action. This is why Black Diamond Teambuilding pulls you and your team-members away from the security of familiar environments, thus creating a playground, where proffesional qualifications give way for a better understanding of each team-members individual capacity.

See some of our activities below!

Video 1: Black Diamond on location in Trs. Activity: Abseil. Click on the moviestrip to see the video.












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All excercises are carried out under supervision of competent instructors.


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