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   Welcome To Black Diamondīs "The Beer Game"

Heard from the gameboard...

"Why the hell canīt they deliver what I want!? Now I am stuck with a backlog, and my customers are becoming impatient! Better order enough next time, so I donīt run out of stock again..."

This is a typical senario when playing the Beer Game. The frustration of not being able to control all aspects of a supply chain, weighing costs and servicelevel targets, predicting the future demand, ect... All part of the Logistic Managers jobdescription, but attention is not allways directed at the core issues. Sure, ERP systems with total stock visability, MRP forcast models and integrated ABC-analysis tools are a big help, but If you do not understand the fundamentals of being a part of a supply chain, getting the ERP-system tuned in on your business processes can prove to be a challenge.

Black Diamond offers to give your management team a 4 hour experience with the dynamics of managing a virtual supply chain. It is a great way to start a dialog between different departments, who all have agendas to persue within the organization.
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  More Logistics!

Hire Black Diamond for the ultimate SCM experience! Learning by doing can prove quit expensive in the real world, so why not try a simulator, that gives you an idea of the complexity of managing a simple supply chain?

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   Presentations on SCM

Black Diamond offers a 2 hour presentation on logistics and supply chain management. Presentations can be made for military or commercial organizations.

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