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Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) are definatly related topics. In helping our businesspartners optimizing business processes, items from the logistcs and SCM toolbox are brought into concideration throughout the project. Often business managers concentrate on optimizing internal processes. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in the companies Balanced Scorecard (BSC) will surely have a positiv motivation on his focus in creating shareholder value - primarily in an invironment he can control: his own department. But the company is dependent on a wide variaty of different parties in the supply chain, who all have their own agenda. SCM opens the door to the outside world, offering valuable information on conditions that will effect your internal business processes.

Today, participants in a supply chain should not use valuable time on price reduction from one link to another. Focus should be payed to competing with other supply chains. Strategic partnerships and breaking down arms length is the way forward. Sharing information reduces the need for security stock. This way, costs are cut to make way for lower prices, and thus giving the customer more value - witch is the ultimate Critical Succes Factor (CSF) in the supply chains BSC.

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  Play the "Beergame"!

Hire Black Diamond for the ultimate SCM experience! Learning by doing can prove quit expensive in the real world, so why not try a simulator, that gives you an idea of the complexity of managing a simple supply chain?

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   Presentations on SCM

Black Diamond offers a 2 hour presentation on logistics and supply chain management. Presentations can be made for military or commercial organizations.

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