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Ever wondered why your investment project turned out far more expensive than the initial forcast? Life Cycle Cost (LCC) is like looking at an iceberg. You only see 1/7 of the total costs, if attention is diverted to aquisition costs alone. Diving under the ice in search of "sunk" costs, can prove an unpleasent experience. It might even alter your return on investment!

Life Cycle Costing methodes are just the right tools for givning you a better understanding of future costs, and thus bringing valuable information into the research and development fase. After all, if the engineers do not think Life Cycle Cost, how do you expect them to design for low cost efficiency?

LCC can be used for predicting better overall cost for longterm investments. This could be new military systems witch are to be in service for many years, or contracting in strategic partnerships between the government and the private sector - i.e. building and maintaining infastructure like roads.

Take a dive with Black Diamond LCC tools, and explore the icy waters of hidden costs beneath the surface...






     Tutorials in MS Excel

The spreadsheets ready for download contain different features, that might seem difficult for the untrained excel user. Therefore, we submit MS Excel tutorials to show, how we have made the spreadsheets work. Itīs not rocket science, so if you have an easier way of doing things, please let us know!

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